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New Work!

It's been a while, so here's what's up:

I finished up Silencer in April of this year. It's an action thriller with Johnny Messner, Danny Trejo, Tito Ortiz, Chuck Liddell, Robert Losardo, and Nikki Leigh. Messner plays Frank, a troubled veteran-turned-hitman who is trying to turn his life around with a new love (Leigh) and her young daughter. However, his past catches up to him when a Mexican drug lord (Trejo) convinces him to perform one last hit. After the job goes awry, Frank's family are in the crosshairs, and he'll have to join forces with an old army buddy (Ortiz) to take down the drug lord and his lieutenants (Losardo, Liddell) once and for all. Look for it on VOD and DVD, I think in the fall. From Status Media & Entertainment for MGM/Cinedigm/Mar Vista. Directed by Timothy Woodward, Jr.

Before that was Life With Dog, a faith-centric family drama from writer/director/star Corbin Bernsen (L.A. Law, Major League, Psych). Bernsen plays Joe, a plumber grieving the recent loss of his beloved wife (Marilu Henner, Taxi). The pain of his wife's death, coupled with what Joe sees as nefarious pressure from real estate developers to sell his old house, send him into a crisis, and complicate his relationship with his daughter Zoe (Chelsey Crisp, Fresh of the Boat), whose Christian faith is at odds with Joe's increasing doubt and paranoia. Into this maelstrom comes Dog, a friendly and strangely intelligent stray mutt who turns up at Joe's door. After first rejecting him, Joe eventually comes to see Dog as the friend and guide he didn't know he needed to help him unravel his tangled emotions, as well as his attitude towards faith. It's currently being shopped to distributors. From Home Theatre Films. Directed by Corbin Bernsen.

Next up (having started yesterday) is The Last Wish, a horror film from the writer of Final Destination, Jeffrey Reddick. Michael Welch (Joan of Arcadia, the Twilight series, Z Nation) plays Aaron, a struggling young lawyer who returns home on the news of his father's death to his grieving mother, Kate (Lin Shaye, the Insidious franchise) and former girlfriend, Lisa (Melissa Bolona, The Hurricane Heist). In his father's things, he finds a strange urn of apparent middle eastern origin. After he bizarrely - and horrifically - begins getting everything he asks for, he realizes that his meddling with the urn has unleashed an ancient and powerful demon - a jinn - that will destroy everything he holds dear...unless he and Lisa can find a way to stop it. Tony Todd also stars. From Status Media & Entertainment for Cinedigm. Directed by Timothy Woodward, Jr.

(And before that, there was Hickok, a western with Luke Hemsworth, Trace Adkins, Cameron Richardson, Bruce Dern, and Kris Kristofferson, as well as additional editing for Gangster Land, about Al Capone and his triggerman "Machine Gun" Jack McGurn. Both are available on VOD/DVD.)

So, lots to do!

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