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New Year, new gig!

Well, actually, the gig started last October, but whatever. Anyway, since wrapping up editing THE FINAL WISH for Status Media & Entertainment (from the creator of the Final Destination franchise!), I've moved back into television, assisting on the new comedy-drama BOOMERANG, from BET and Paramount, based on the 1992 Eddie Murphy film. Showrunners include Lena Waithe (The Chi) and Ben Cory-Jones (Insecure, Hand of God), who among others executive produce alongside Halle Berry (who starred in the original film). So far it's been a blast, and a wonderful learning experience, as I haven't done any pure assisting in years (not since my days in reality/doc TV back in New York).

On the side, I cut a short film, CANNONBALL, for writer/director Sean Fredericks, which will premiere at the First Glance Film Festival here in L.A. in March. I'm also hard at work on another short drama, AUGUST, from writers Mike Bash and Jody Moore.

Finally, the wife and I are cooking up a big project of our own that I daren't discuss at present, but which if successful (and that's a big IF in this town), might see me dive even deeper into the television pool. More on that story as it develops!

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